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What We Do

At JML Roofing Solutions, we offer a variety of services that include Commercial Roof Restorations, Residential Roof Replacements, Maintenance & Repairs, and Consultations/Inspections on low slope roofs. Whether you think your roof needs to be replaced or there simply hasn’t been anyone on the roof to check on things in a while, we have a solution for you.



Well, its the end of the road for your roof. There will be contractors that tell you it has to be replaced - that there is no salvaging the existing membrane. Well, in some cases, that is true. However, in most cases, your existing roof can restored with fluid-applied systems that can get 20+ additional years out of that roof. If you combine the lower cost of this solution with the added benefit of no downtime for the tenant, this is a no brainer! Call now to discuss the additional value of a coating system versus a reroof!



Our services include: free roof inspections, free hail and wind storm damage assessments, removal and replacement of asphalt, wood shake, metal and tile roofs Please call now to get a free inspection and/or consultation!


Maintenance | Repair

Let us know if you have an existing roof, in fair shape, that you just want checked on from time to time. Our maintenance services include complete walk-throughs and the preventative treatment of any potential problem areas. On the other hand, if your roof is leaking or showing signs of deterioration, we have services for that as well. In some cases, all it takes is addressing the problem area(s) if they are limited. We use a reinforcing application technique to repair these issues. Call now to get a manufacturer approved roof repair!

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